“Each morning after I drop my daughter off at “school” as she calls it, I am able to drive to work at peace because I know she will be well cared for. When I pick her up in the evenings and she doesn’t want to leave, it shows how much she enjoys “school”. As we drive home she sings me songs and tells me about what she learned. With all the stresses and worries of life, my child’s care is one I have crossed off my list. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.”
Jessica-Gloucester VA – Mother of 2 year old

“My daughter Alexis, age 5, has been attending Little Lights Child Care since just before her third birthday. Upon entering the daycare and preschool program, I fell in love with the caring teachers and staff. The teachers go above and beyond to keep learning fun while cultivating young minds. Since starting Little Lights Alexis has become accustomed to learning in a structured school environment much like she will experience starting Kindergarten this fall. I cannot imagine sending her to daycare/preschool anywhere else. Little Lights teachers and staff have become like family and I cannot wait for my son Andrew to start the program this fall!”
Melanie-Gloucester VA – Mother of Alexis, Age 5

“After interviewing several child care facilities, we were delighted to meet the staff at Little Lights. The care center is bright and clean with a cheerful atmosphere. Our daughter has come a long way since she started attending Little Lights after she turned 4. Her teachers helped prepare her for Kindergarten with an exceptional Pre-K class. The teachers and the staff are continuously coming up with new creative ideas for activities and crafts teaching the students independence and the skills needed to succeed in school. Don’t think for a minute they are all work and no play either. Their age appropriate playground is fenced in and keeps the kids safe as they play. Additionally during the hot summer months they developed a fun outdoor water day all of the kids get to enjoy. You will never hear us say anything other than amazing things about the teachers, staff, and care providers at Little Lights. We highly recommend Little Lights for kids of any age!!”
Jake and Heather – Gloucester VA, Parents of Hailee, age 5

“Although we have only been at LLCC for a short period of time, we couldn’t be happier with the staff and school. Our children come home each night and we can see what they do at school every day. I am grateful that all the staff must pass a background check. That makes it easier to drop the kids off in the morning knowing they are safe. My kids love their new school and I only wish we would have enrolled them earlier.”
Judy and Eddie-Gloucester VA – Parents of EJ age 4 and Tommy 19 months

“I could not have chosen a better center for my child than Little Lights. It is such a relief as a parent to know that when I leave my child, she is safe, cared for and loved. The teachers at Little Lights go above and beyond to make each child feel as though they are the most special and important child in the world. Their patience with all the children amazes me. The children have so much fun learning their letters, colors, numbers, and shapes through arts, crafts and songs. I feel truly blessed to have such a warm, loving environment to take my daughter to.”
Amanda- Matthews VA- Mother of Madison age 2

“Our daughter attends Little Lights Preschool program as well as the daycare. This daycare isn’t your typical daycare, these kids are loved, taught, feel part of a family there. From the time we walked in the door to tour the facility we immediately had a calm come over us, and we knew this was the place we could trust. As Christians it was important to have our daughter in an environment that teaches the Word of God and you will be nothing short of amazed at the biblical lessons taught to your children! The staff is so caring, helpful, and leaves their parents with a sense of feeling that if you have to leave your child, you are leaving them in the best care possible. The kids are constantly coming home with papers to show you what they did for the day, which reassures you, your child isn’t sitting around playing games all day. The teachers take pride in teaching your children, challenging your child to reach their full potential. Our daughter will be entering kindergarten, but could easily skip and start school in First grade. We highly recommend this daycare to anyone in the area who is looking. This has been the best place we could have ever found!”
Jeff and Celeste -Gloucester VA- parents of Cailynn age 4

“Little Lights has been an amazing place for my daughter to learn and grow every day. The teachers and other students have had such a positive impact on her vocabulary, knowledge and overall development as a toddler. She has learned songs, numbers, letters and days of the week. I know she will continue to grow and learn at Little Lights and I can’t wait to see what is next. I highly recommend Little Lights to any parent with young children.”
Megan-Gloucester VA- Mother of Riley age 3

“It’s been almost 9 months since we joined the Little Lights family. As a single mom and a 911 dispatcher, I researched several different day care facilities to try and find a safe, secure and fun environment for my 2 kids, ages 3 and 6. I finally found Little Lights and I can’t say enough about their commitment to the children and to God. The staff and teachers go above and beyond to take care of my children by teaching them kindness, manners, patience and faith. My daughter attends the before and after school program and has made so many new friends. She enjoys the crafts and the numerous field trips. My son attends Ms. Jessica’s class; He has begun to learn letter and number recognition, shapes and colors. I was so proud when I heard him count to 10 for the first time. He has also learned life enhancement skills such as socialization, coping skills, patience, sharing, understanding and love. The team at Little Lights Childcare Center creates an environment where children have fun as well as develop wonderful relationships with learning and with each other. I highly recommend Little Lights Childcare Center to any parent who wishes that their child receive the type of care that they would provide at their own home. Little Lights Childcare is truly a home away from home for my little ones.”
Shannon- Gloucester VA- mother of Colin 3 and Julia 6

“All the teachers and staff at Little Lights Child Care are absolutely amazing! Our daughter just recently moved into the two-year old classroom; the teachers and staff have helped so much in playing a positive part in her transition. On a daily basis the teachers provide such a warm greeting and always take the time to fill us in about our daughter’s day. As a parent it provides great pleasure in hearing our daughter sing the songs she learns at school, our daughter shares their mealtime blessing at our home….she is excited to be a part of the Little Lights family. Little Lights Child Care provides a warm and loving educational environment for children of all ages to thrive!”
Wayne and Diana- Gloucester VA- Proud parents of Lauren age 2

“I have three children enrolled at LLCC, a 10 year old and an 8 year old in the before and after school program, and a 2 year old in full time childcare. I have been a working parent for 10 years and have had a wide variety of experiences with childcare, in home and at childcare centers. LLCC has by far been the most incredible experience for me and my children. I am able to go to work each day with full confidence that my children will not just be kept safe, but will feel accepted, loved, have fun and learn. Since starting the LLCC program under a year ago, my 2 year old has learned so much and he loves going to “school” each day. He’s learning his basics, ABC’s and colors; he is also learning biblical values, social skills and that he is loved. Each day he is experiencing and learning, He benefits greatly from playing and exploring outside. All the hands on activities are very stimulating to his inquisitive mind. He is NOT being entertained with screen time or video games. I really enjoy his progress report each day, giving me a detailed account of changes, improvements or setbacks he has with skills he’s working on. My older 2 children have done wonderful with before and after school care. They are transported to and from school safely, they have snacks and help with their homework. They are always involved in fun activities and playtime keeping them busy and entertained. I moved to Gloucester just over a year ago and tried a few other options before enrolling at LLCC. I am so much more than satisfied, with not only the care and attention my children receive, but with how I have felt welcomed and have had wonderful experiences with the staff as well. I go out of my way each day to be able to bring my kids to LLCC and will continue to do so, because LLCC is worth the extra time each day.”
Ingrid – Family Nurse Practitioner of Gloucester VA-Mother of Joshua 10, Emily 8 and Richard 2

“As the parent of a special needs child, Little Lights has been a true God send for our family. The amazing warmth, compassion, kindness, and patience exhibited by the entire preschool staff has led to a loving bond between my son and his teachers. My once shy, unsure little boy has become a confident leader in his class as a result of the love shown to him at Little Lights. Words could never express my gratitude as a mom in knowing my son is in such wonderfully loving hands.”
Meredith- Gloucester VA- Mother of Noah age 4

“The resources offered in the before and after school program are astounding. The convenience of dropping my daughter off at Little Lights and have them bus her to school takes some stress off my shoulders. I had a previous experience with another child care center, but chose this one due to its positive feedback and my daughter’s desire to go to some place new. The teachers and staff in the school age program are amazing and friendly .My daughter has even invited one of the teachers to her birthday party. I completely trust the staff and teachers with the care of my daughter as they have nurtured her and tickled her into happiness. The services Little Lights provides all of Gloucester is truly a blessing.”
Shaunna- Gloucester VA- Mother of Natalie age 6

“I Chose LLCC after doing a lot of research. LLCC was the choice for my son before he was born. Based on the health and safety records, and, most of all, word of mouth from other parents, their experiences at LLCC and other childcare facilities. My son has been at LLCC for three years and is flourishing. I have been very happy with his care, education, and teachers. No person or place is perfect, but LLCC gets accolades in the department of quick action and resolution. Any question or concern I have ever had, has an answer or resolution that same day. I really enjoy LLCC and highly recommend them.”
Tina- Gloucester VA- Mother of Brayden age 3

“I have one child at Little Lights Daycare in the infant class. We started attending January of 2014 and my family is very pleased with the level of care our son is receiving. The teachers are wonderful and caring people. At Little Lights, my child is not just being “babysat” for the day; it is a place that offers so much more than just care for the day. He is learning each and every day. His teachers are working with him every day by reading to him, teaching him sign language, singing, playing, helping him learn to walk, and so much more. Every time I drop off and pick up my son I see how much they enjoy their time with him. He always has a smile on his face when he greets his teachers as well as when I pick him up. He can’t tell me himself quite yet, but I know he is enjoying his time at Little Lights. His teachers truly care about him and his well-being.”
Katelyn-Gloucester VA- Mother of Landon 11 months

“Little Lights has been a home away from home for our son Cameron. He is currently in Ms. Ava’s Pre-K program and loving the daily fun, friendship and faith! We joined the Little Lights family when Cameron was only two and a half, in MS. Jessica’s Class. We are sad to see our time at Little Lights come to an end when he goes to kindergarten, but the foundation of education he has received is beyond amazing!”
Kati- Hayes VA- Mother of Cameron age 5

“We have used Little Lights over the years for both my son and now my grandson. We have always found it to be a warm and inviting environment that nurtures the children within their care. The preschool curriculum is well thought out and the skills the children develop, both academically and socially, prepare them for kindergarten. The summer program is filled with fun activities and field trips that offer the day campers an enjoyable experience while fostering learning, good citizenship and cooperative play. The directors and staff work together, and with parents, to provide a wonderful and loving place where children can excel both personally, socially, and academically. They encourage an open dialog with parents to assure the children are getting the proper care based on their individual needs. I recommend Little Lights to my friends, colleagues, and clients.”
Pam- Gloucester VA- Grandmother of Gage age 5

“As a worrisome parent, I was devastated to learn that my three and a half year old would have to leave the care of his grandparents. We asked numerous friends in the area and the one recommendation we heard over and over was “Send them to Little Lights, they are amazing.” I am so glad we listened to that advice; the staff at Little Lights Child Care truly is amazing. Their patience with his move from family to care to their care ensured a smooth transition for our entire family. My son is now four in a half and I’ve watched him flourish under their care. When we had our second child there was no doubt where we would send her for care. From my experience with dropping my son off and then not worrying about him all day, I knew I would be comfortable bringing our newborn there as well. The staff eagerly anticipated her birth and was so excited to finally meet her, just like family. My knowledge that she would be in the best care possible at Little Lights was my saving grace when she was diagnosed with a heart condition at 3 weeks old. We are truly blessed to have Little Lights as a part of our little family!”
Robin- Gloucester VA- Mother of Brandon age 4 and Isabella Age 4 months
“I wish to express our gratitude and thanks to staff at Little Lights for their dedication to the wellbeing and education of our two children. My wife and I both have full time careers which take up more of our time then we would like to admit. We lost the services from family who were assisting with our childcare needs due to sudden illness. This left us with a stressful process in selecting a trusted child care facility. During that time, our son was three years old and used to the loving environment of his grandparents who were no longer physically capable of caring for him on a full time basis. We were fortunate enough and blessed to find the services of Little Lights. Our son’s transition was smooth as administrators and staff went above and beyond to meet our family’s needs. As a lone child, our son was behind the education and social curve. Now, we are proud to report that he is considered advanced in his education and much more comfortable in a social environment. His progress can be attributed to his time at Little Lights. There was a time when my wife and I were hesitant to have another child due to a lack in childcare options. We are now proud to say that our newest addition is a beautiful bouncing baby girl and one of the newest members of the Little Lights Family. She is doing excellent and we could not be more pleased with her care. As a law enforcement officer, I often see people on their worst days. As one can imagine, I see a side of society that often leaves me with concerns and/or mistrust. Despite this, my wife and I are impressed with the care provided at Little Lights. When it comes to the care of our children, I cannot think of anything more important. The administrators and staff are obviously people who take pride in their work and invest their full attention and patience with the children they care for. More importantly, they love our kids as if they were their own. There is no facility in this area that I would trust my kids with as I do Little Lights.”
Michael- Gloucester VA- Son age 4 Daughter age 4 months

“Our Daughter has always had a family friend care for her since she was 6 weeks old. Choosing a child care for our daughter put tremendous stress on my wife and me to pick the best provider possible for her. Little Lights has come to the answer of our needs from day one with Berkley. Since she was a stay at home child for her first year and a half she really had limited exposure to other children and adults. The Little Lights two year old teachers have been a blessing helping Berkley on the right social track as well as providing an excellent foundation in her learning. She comes home just about every day with new stories and words that she has learned. She is also learning new songs and the ability to count and recognize letters. The other thing we appreciated about The Little Lights administrative staff was that instead of just throwing Berkley into a class they spent the time talking with my wife to come up with a plan and gave us options so we could help in the decision making process. Berkley is not 2 years old yet and because of her process in Potty Training and her abilities she developed outside, we were able to place her in the two year old age group. This was important to us because it allows her to reach for her learning instead of being at the top of the class below her. It challenges her to learn new things quicker with the older group of kids. Berkley’s group of teachers in the two year old program are wonderful. She is always telling us about them and how much fun she has each day. We appreciate the notes they send home about Berkley. It keeps us informed even though we are not with her most of the day. It helps us prepare for the evening based on what the teachers have documented each day. There is great communication from the teachers to the parents. Our daughter has struggled with being left due to what she was used to within home care. The teachers there in the morning are very helpful in getting the parents on to work and very encouraging with the child and parent. On many occasions Berkley’s teachers will tell me everything will be okay and then comfort Berkley as we leave. As I ride by the window each morning and she has had a hard time letting me leave the teacher is still there talking to her and trying to comfort her and encourage her things will be okay. The front office staff is also very encouraging and helpful. Every morning and afternoon when we walk in or out there is someone there to greet us and make us feel welcome. They are also very helpful with questions and documenting when there are issues with your child. They are on top of the game when it comes to giving medication or any issues pertaining to the health and welfare of your child. They are also very concerned about how Little Lights is doing overall and always wanting to improve for your child. Overall, we are very pleased to have Little Lights staff, from the teachers to the administrative staff, care for our child. They are great people to work with and communicate well with the children and parents. Little Lights can be trusted with the care of my child and anyone else.”
Jay and Brandi- Gloucester VA- Parents of Berkley age 23 months