Little Lights “Spotlight”

      Olivia’s bright smile and cooperative attitude makes her a pleasure to have in our school-age program. She is well-liked by children and teachers and demonstrates good character and personal responsibility daily.

Mad Dash Mondays

Attribution: Little Lights parents, don’t feel overwhelmed by the start of the week. Here are some tools to help you get out the door on what feels like those”…Mad Dash Mondays”   The hours before school can feel a little more zoo than Zen. Lucky for us, Laura Vanderkam wrote 
the book on time management, I Know How She Does It: …

Prep Time @LLCC

We just want to remind all the parents that if you have NOT signed your child up for Kangaroo time yet, please do so quickly.The program provides many benefits that will streamline our center processes, improve security for all the children we care for, and provide a new and enhanced experience for our parents and trusted guardians.   Some of …